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Andyspares Online Shop

Postby andy99 » Mon Aug 26, 2002 2:46 am

Im getting confused with the online shop. For instance, if I go to the Hydraulic Section of the zantia. In there is listed many spheres in particular one with the part number N45354 and is listed as the xantia rear sphere. HOWEVER in the downloaded brochure this is listed as the XM centre sphere. As far as I can tell N45354 is not needed on the xantia.
This is evident in many other of the products, where the online shop doesnt tie up witht he brochure. Is it better to phone andyspares for the parts rather than order them online to make sure i get the right part? or is it just me being stupid and missing something???
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Dave Burns
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Postby Dave Burns » Mon Aug 26, 2002 3:47 am

Yes Andy, you are getting confused, the sphere you point out is in fact the Hydractive centre sphere, it does say so in the sphere chart.
Certain XM's and Xantia's use the same sphere's for some function's including the main accumulator sphere, two different car's same part, not unusual.
Which sphere is it that you are after, what model of car.
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Postby vanny » Mon Aug 26, 2002 5:18 am

Strangely enough, ive come accross similar. But in every case where there has been a discrepancy and i have phoned through to AS, the website is always right (cant think of the specific parts, i know the clutch release bearing was a bit of a disaster!).
So trust the website, or phone the people who know!
Merseyside, UK
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