Anti sink Valve

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Anti sink Valve

Post by greggpask » 15 Jan 2005, 17:38

would anyone be able to let me know, how easy is it to fit an anti-sink valve to a xantia? I am getting fed up waiting for the suspension to rise after you start up. It seems to be an age, especially in the cold weather. Any info greatly appreciated.

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Post by dan.2cv » 15 Jan 2005, 17:43

I would check a few other things before replacing the anti sink valve as I understand they are fairly reliable. You could have a flat anti sink sphere or a weak pump.
When I fill my car with fuel it jumps up about halfway through as the anti sink kicks in. This tells you the sphere is OK.
You could just try changing the LHM as everything seems to work quicker when you replace the old oil.

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Post by greggpask » 15 Jan 2005, 17:47

Thanks, but mine is a pre anti-sink valve xant. 1994 tdsx,wondered wether it was easy enough just to fit one.

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Post by sbraud » 15 Jan 2005, 18:11

Hi greggpask,
If it's the front it's located under LHM reservoir on mine. I did the job a couple of years back and it's a pain to do. You depressurise hydraulics, disconnect reservoir pipes, remove reservoir and then you can access anti-sink valve. It has compression screw joints, so unscrew old and screw-up the new and check for leaks once all is back in place.
Having done it, like dan.2cv I’d advocate eliminating other easier possible causes first.
I can pass on some more detailed instruction via email if that helps.

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Post by AndersDK » 15 Jan 2005, 22:23

This is not really a question replacing the antisink valve - but rather if it is possible to retrofit one [:I]
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- if you have unlimited resources [:)]
In practical terms it would be faster, easier - and much cheaper - replacing every bit around an existing antisink valve [8D]