rusting sump

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rusting sump

Postby davethewheel » 15 Aug 2002, 02:24

hi all, i have a 1996 zantia td which has has a lot of rust on the sump at one end (timing belt end)has any one had this problem and had to change the sump and if so any one know the price of a sump,i had a similar problem on a mk1 astra which rusted all the way through so i am a little paraniod that the same thing will happen cheers dave
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Postby allmond » 15 Aug 2002, 02:32

I don't have any personal experience of it, but if the sump rusts through, Halfords sell a magic sealant which I am assured really does work. If all else fails. . . .
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Dave Burns
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Postby Dave Burns » 15 Aug 2002, 03:08

Not heard that one before, has the water pump been leaking.
Give it some wire brush and clout some old engine oil round it, give it a smattering at oil change times to keep it in check.
Xantia's with aircon have a cast aluminium sump with the compressor bolted to it.
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