Xantia brakes

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Xantia brakes

Post by nelsonriddle »

I recently had the brakes repaired on on '95 Xantia LX TD. I needed pads and discs front and rear. Having had this done, the grinding sound that previously occured had gone, but the brakes felt hardly any more effective. They need a lot of pressure to bring the car to a stop and the effort to the brakes seem to fade (needing more pressure on the pedal). Any ideas what could be causing this as the brakes are virtually brand new.

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Post by thew »

If all this work was done very recently, then they probably just need time to bed in. You could try driving a mile or so with the brakes on to speed this process up, although don't tell anyone I said so as this is not recommended. Other than that, the fluid may need changing.

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Post by jloner2 »

well sounds a bit to me like air in the system. all hydralics are run off the main suspension system. is there any differenc in the ride comfort.

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If the pad material is harder than the originals were, that will have this effect. They could be taken out & roughened uo, being careful not to inhale dust particles. If air has got in, it is usually easy to pick with a spongy pedal when brakes are applied.
I would be more inclined to think that your problem could be that the pistons are sticking in the brake cylinders. Usually it is a wise move to take out, clean up & relube with LHM & refit when brakes are repaired, particularly rear ones. That would be where I would start.