Payback - my experiences.

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Payback - my experiences.

Postby mbunting » Mon Aug 05, 2002 1:57 am

I've had a lot of help and tips from members of this forum, so I thought it was time to share a few experiences, putting something back in for others to feed from. I have a Xantia TD, but some of these relate to other models...
1) If the back suspension appears to crash over speed bumps, it could be ( amongst many reasons ), the rear spheres need changing.
2) When changing rear spheres, ALLWAYS use the sphere removal tool.It took me 10 mins per side do change the rears with the tool, versus many broken 'alternative' tools, including steel oil filter removers !
3) When changing the spheres, allways use axle stands. A pit is even better.
4) When changing the fuel filter, wrap something absorbent around the base of the filter housing, fuel WILL spill !
5) The rear height corrector frequently seizes up. Liberal use of grease/ wd40 will free it. To perform this "on the road", a hammer is useful. Move the lever to the MAXIMUM position ( it's then reasonably safe to get under the rear ), spray the area liberally, and gently tap the underneath of the slider mechanism that the rod connects to. Once it moves, and the car rises, spray again, get back in the car, set the suspension to normal, and reume your journey !
6) Route the "Low Brake Pad" warning cables carefully, they can easily get chaffed. How about using cable ties ?
7) DON'T FORGET - the handbrake operates on the FRONT wheels !
8) Be careful when using a jack. Mine is bent - the car fell off it for some reason ( it was on a secure and stable surface ).
9) Changing spheres is easy, why pay upwards of £50 per corner when you can do it yourself easily ( especially the fronts ).
10) It's worth checking the brake bleeding after any major suspension maintenance.
The End
( "Thank goodness" I can hear you all muttering ).
Now then, what was that question i was thinking of ?
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Postby nick » Mon Aug 05, 2002 5:41 am

Just one point, its NOT safe to get under the rear when its only supported by the suspension, particularly to adjust the height corrector (which after all is what controls the height of the rear suspension!)
I know of at least two people being crushed to death doing this, one of them was a 'friend-of-a-friend' of mine who was working under an old CX estate at the time.
If your arms are long enough its sometimes possible to reach the rear height corrector by laying alongside the car with just your arm actually underneath it. You should not have your head or body under the car when doing this unless the car is on axle stands etc.
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Dave Burns
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Postby Dave Burns » Mon Aug 05, 2002 6:04 am

Doesn't seem to matter how many warnings are dished out with the other advice on this and other board's, there will always be risk takers.
An old farmer once said to me when he saw me doing something remotely dangerous, "remember lad, you are a long time dead"
Those few word's sank well in, I never take risk's, a motor car is not worth my life nor your's so DON'T DO IT.
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