Changing headlamp bulb

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Changing headlamp bulb

Post by shiney » 13 Nov 2004, 02:18

Feel stupid arsking this question
I need to change the dipped lamp bulb. The owners manual says remove clip to release back of assembly.
But. it is all enclosed.
What bits do i need to dismantle to get at the lamp?
Xantia 1.9TD 1999

Stuart McB
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Post by Stuart McB » 13 Nov 2004, 02:35

Don't you undo a black plactic cover first by unscrewing? This should reveal the back of the bulb. Then remove clip.

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Post by shiney » 13 Nov 2004, 02:50

Thats what the book says, but there is a plastic assembly concealing the back of the lamp

john alexander
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Post by john alexander » 13 Nov 2004, 03:01

the black plastic cover has two hooks at one end and a clip at the other,push it sideways off the end of the cover .pull out this end of the cover and it will unhook. regards john.