ZX aura td '91 handling/braking ???

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ZX aura td '91 handling/braking ???

Post by jimbolaya » 05 Nov 2004, 13:29

Any ideas for a shudder on braking - front discs and pads are fine( I think!), although havent had back brakes checked for a while , tyres are newish wheels are balanced , Could it be tracking or track rod ends.
Also when going over uneven roads the wheels are all over the shop! shuddering etc.
Could this be shock absorber problems or associated. I have had a new nr side cv joint and a new offside driveshaft , so that should be ok . HELP????[?]

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Post by uhn113x » 05 Nov 2004, 14:07

Hi (?)
Tracking adjustment will not cause a shudder. Play anywhere in the steering, such as track rod ends, will, but it is more likely to be triggered when a wheel hits a pothole, than when you brake.
I would be inclined to check for play anywhere on the suspension, and check the front discs for run-out; you don't need much to cause a shudder that can be felt on the brake pedal.
If/when you fit discs, ensure that the disc and hub faces are scrupulously clean.

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Post by jimbolaya » 05 Nov 2004, 14:38

Thanks for advice , I have had a butchers thru forum and see that droplinks are mentioned, so I spose they will need checking any one else got any detailed explanations ?

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Post by Twiss » 05 Nov 2004, 15:02

When i bought my Aura Td it shuddered when i braked after checking suspension not finding anything wrong with it. i found that she suddered more on the nearside and the sudder got worse the harder i braked in the end i replaced both front discs and pads and the shudder went away. the parts didn't cost me alot at time (about a year ago), try that or u could get a garge to check to see if your brakes are warped.

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Post by jeremy » 05 Nov 2004, 15:03

have a very good look at all the joints and bushes on the track control arm (track control arm) If these are worn the wheel will move backwards on braking and the track rod/rack will alter the tracking to toe-in and may show up as a heavy shudder.
I remember my father nearly loosing control of a Ford Corsair on braking. Frightening at the time and makes you think something really serious is wrong! The suspension on that car was mcpherson strut with the wheel location by the anti-roll bar and apparently what would happen is that the rubber bushes on the anti-roll bar would wear and the tracking would go beserk on braking.
If the wear is on the outer ball joint there may well be clonking over bumps.