Citroen Xantia speedometer problem (1995)

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Citroen Xantia speedometer problem (1995)

Post by sbraud » 04 Nov 2004, 22:25

I have a problem with my Citroen Xantia 20/16v 1995 speedo. As soon as I drive off it shoots up to 50 and stays there, regardless of what speed I do below 70mph. When I speed up from 70mph the speedo drops down from 50 to 0 the faster I go.
I've got a good idea it's the speed sensor, as once in a blue moon it works OK for a few miles.
Has anyone seen this before?
Where can I buy a speed sensor at a sensible price?

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Post by ghostrider » 04 Nov 2004, 23:58

Hi, and welcome to the forum! Is your xantia one with an electric sensor speedo , I'm not sure when they swapped from the mechanical ones. If it is definitely electronic, you could try a scrappy or GSF who host this site not sure how much but generally GSF are amongst the cheapest (no I don't work for them [:D]) the other possibility is that the damping circuit for the actual speedo is faulty, I've not examined one of the electronic units but certainly on the mechanical ones you could get some funny things happening

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Post by DervDonkey » 05 Nov 2004, 06:43

Not much help, I know - but I'd like to know this too!
The speedo in my '95 1.9TD does EXACTLY the same thing, and even works sometimes. Can't find a hint in the Haynes manual as to the wiring of the thing or how it works!

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Post by beezer » 05 Nov 2004, 15:01

Maybe it is trying to tell you that you should not be speeding up from 70mph as it is the fastest you are allowed to go in the UK!

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Post by sbraud » 06 Nov 2004, 15:26

Thanks ghostrider… I’ve got the electronic sensor setup. That said, I’ve just seen some old posts from 2003 on here from a few others with the same problem and most point at the sensor with this speedo & 50mph problem.
As it’s going to be the cheapest part, I’ll change the sensor first…
Beezer, I’ll post results.
Cheers & thanks