Gauging interest - collection must go

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Gauging interest - collection must go

Post by andmcit » 02 May 2015, 18:27

I'm back so I must still be alive but it's under duress.

I haven't even been on the forum here 'hiding' so to speak let alone posting, I simply couldn't bring myself to log on and am only doing so now reluctantly.

I sadly now need to move on most of my collection of weird wonderful and in most cases rare Citroëns before they get picked up and sent to the crusher which is why I'm sounding the real diehards amongst you to ask if you would be interested in anything for yourself that I now need to move on!? There's going yo be plenty of Xantiae, Xm and CX to choose from and if I can muster respectable prices without excessive hassles it would far welcome that more than enduring idiots on ebay or dealing direct with the scrapman...

Life hasn't been particularly kind to me in the recent past with a few really nasty episodes which have all but deflated me and the one thing I really don't need right now is extra hassles, time wasting and promises that don't get followed up. I've been here now on both sides of the equation and my heart really isn't in it.
Anyway, drop me a line if you want to talk Citroëns - I haven't done so for years now.

Off the top of my head there's going to be a few rough around the edges cosmetically but solid early metal bumpers cars and a few GSA's - a pair of GSA Pallas SE's and a GSA X1 - to be honest there's more but I'm in the process of making a list and grading completeness, condition etc. Don't expect to drive any of these as they've been off the road in some cases for quite a long time so a flatbed or trailer is necessary along with insane bravery and a sense of direction to venture into south west wales. (Swansea)

Ultimately, there's almost certainly going to be a car for everyone as I'm aiming to trim down from 90 to 30 cars...

With a looming deadline date just to quicken the pulse and sharpen the thinking process. I could try and find an alternative space but with my current luck that will likely only appear the day after I've crushed everything. Who said I'd lost my sense of humour?


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Re: Gauging interest - collection must go

Post by citronut » 02 May 2015, 18:46

hi Andrew
and a warm welcome to see you on here againg all be it in dire straights,
very sorry to here your sad tail and hope you get through your run off bad luck,

i would dearly love a GS but i dont have the funds, means of transporting or in reality somewhere to put it under cover at the present time

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Re: Gauging interest - collection must go

Post by Stickyfinger » 02 May 2015, 20:29

I would like to see your list, it seems a shame that you have to make it.