eBay - GSA Special Estate Project.

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eBay - GSA Special Estate Project.

Post by Citroening » 12 Jul 2011, 10:47


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Post by andmcit » 12 Jul 2011, 11:17

It's like buying a jigsaw where there's absolutely no chance or idea whether
all the pieces are present - the engine has been broken down to the bare
bones for a start and how on earth are you supposed to get it from Scotland
with no wheels on it at either end? That's after you've got past the hurdle of
bidding more than £800 for a car with a rotten rear 3/4 and this is on the side
they've shown - they're nuts.

At least it's priced to stop someone scrapping it for some of the useful parts
I guess. For that money I'd fire up www.leboncoin.fr and buy x2 near minter
left hookers and probably still trailer them back for less dosh!

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Post by macplaxton » 20 Jul 2011, 22:34

Fair comment about the rest, but the comment below

andmcit wrote:and how on earth are you supposed to get it from Scotland with no wheels on it at either end?

only really applies to someone "down South". :wink: The reverse is true about cheap motors way down in Kent or Cornwall...