CCC National Rally 2017

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Re: CCC National Rally 2017

Post by van ordinaire » 22 Jul 2017, 12:53

As a social gathering of Citroenistes it's really quite pleasant &, as I've mentioned before, I've learned that the enjoyment to be had increases exponentially with the number of people you know/meet BUT it's the annual national meeting of club for the products of a major car manuafacturer, so shouldn't one's expectations be greater?

That I don't understand why so many people think that a venue which, viewed objectively, offers so little is a different issue but, again, I suppose, based on what I've become used to.

I do appreciate that cost is a factor, & an important one; all I can say is that other cubs manage. On reflection, I think that's because, on at least the Sunday, they are open to the, money paying, public. perhaps "we" don't want that, maybe it would destroy (or, at least, detract from) these events' own, quite special, character - or there's a fear it might. I really don't know, I'm just trying to understand something that's puzzled me from the first CCC rally I attended.