Thefts at ICCCR

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Re: Thefts at ICCCR

Post by Citroening » 24 Aug 2012, 19:02

Hear Hear.

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Re: Thefts at ICCCR

Post by Diabolical » 24 Aug 2012, 19:36

Citroening wrote:Hear Hear.
CitroJim wrote:
Citroening wrote:That'd be a terrible shame if that was true - potentially could be a fellow CCC, or even FCF Member (although I very much doubt it!) :)

No, I don't buy that. I've been to enough rallies with both CCC and FCF in attendance and never once has anything gone walkies to my knowledge...

FCF members I'd trust to the ends of the earth.

I agree totally.

My Brother in Law wasn't suggesting that in any way, not that he is a Classic Car enthusiast of any make. A cross country motorcyclist is his drift.
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Re: Thefts at ICCCR

Post by myglaren » 24 Aug 2012, 19:49

I second that Jim.
Unthinkable that any of the members would stoop to anything like that.
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Re: Thefts at ICCCR

Post by steelcityuk » 29 Aug 2012, 22:48

Judging by the stuff taken I doubt they were Citroen Owners/fans, probably just tea leafs.

So you guys leave your CXs unlocked and the keys in, when's the next rally? I'll leave you a XM to get home in.......

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Re: Thefts at ICCCR

Post by uhn113x » 10 Sep 2012, 16:54

Me too, Jim, and likewise CCC and 2CVGB ones.

At such events I tend to leave car open with keys in the ignition and if we take the camper, that's not locked either.
When I heard about the things at the ICCCR I did a very quick lock-up of everything.

I cannot help thinking that the perpretators were Brit pikeys and they weren't members of anything but just came to suss out what things could fetch good money.
I didn't think that The Doors were still around.

Revolving ones are!
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