C5 X7 Pollen Filter Replacement & Air System Clean How To

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C5 X7 Pollen Filter Replacement & Air System Clean How To

Post by GiveMeABreak » 21 Jan 2017, 20:09

I thought I would post up a 'How To' on replacing the C5 X7 Pollen Filter and Cleaning the Air Con / Air System, specifically for the Right Hand Drive model, as the very few You Tube videos on this are for Left Hand Drive vehicles and are generally not in English. Citroen Service docs don't really help much either as they show the process for a Left Hand Drive model with pedals and different trim, as of course the heater components remain in the same place.

What You Will Need:
A Torx 20 Screwdriver
A Small Flat Blade Screwdriver
A Pollen Filter (Part 6479 45)
An Air Con Bomb or Similar (only if you are cleaning the A/C system) Air Con Bomb Link
A Bright Torch
A Hoover

A Hot Bath Afterwards :-D

First of all there are 2 plastic screws under the passenger side glove box at the front that need to be turned 90°.
B Trim Screws .png
A - Trim Screws Close Up

A Unfastening Pass Trim .png
B - Unfastening the Passenger Trim

On the right edge of the trim, you will see a snap connector - push this in and the trim will loosen. Be careful as the footwell passenger light (if fitted) will be attached.
C Trim Clip .png
C - Trim Clip shown to the Right

Using the Flat Head screwdriver, gently push in the small plastic lug of the Footwell Light and lever it out so that you can access the plug.
E Lever Out Footwell Light.png
E - Lever Out the Footwell Light

Disconnect the plug by pushing in the lug and pulling.
F Unclip Wire Plug.png
F - Unclip the Plug

G My LED Replacement!.png
G My LED Replacement!

D Underside of Trim.png
D - Underside of the removed Trim

With the top trim removed, you can now see the Pollen Filter cover through the exposed recess.
H Pollen Filt Clip.png
H - Pollen Filter Clip

We will need to remove the right hand side trim to get further access. Undo the Torx screw.
H2 Use Tork 20 to Remove Side Trim.png
H2 - Use Torx 20 to Remove Side Trim

With the screw removed, gently slide the side trim forwards. There are 3 locating pins.
I Remove Screw and  Slide Forward.png
I - Remove Screw and Slide Forward

Locating Pins:
I2 Locating Pins.png
I2 - Locating Pins Exposed

Now Assume the Position!
I3 I Kid You Not.png
I3 - I Kid You Not!

VERY GENTLY pinch together the bottom 2 lugs to release the Pollen filter Cover. Once disengaged the cover will easily pull away.
J1 Pollen Cover Off.png
J1 - Pollen Cover Off

Note: There are 2 holes on the cover that are to allow the cover to be screwed back into place if you inadvertently break the lugs off :roll:
Now, get your torch in place and gently pull the filter out - be warned there will be a load of crud and bugs flying out as the old filter springs out!
J2 Crud Alert.png
J2 - Crud Alert!

J3 .png
J3 - More Crud

J4 Ease Out Filter.png
J4 - Ease Out Filter

As You pull out the filter, try and roll it, whilst pulling gently as there isn't a lot of room to pull it out directly.
J6 Wrap and Pull.png
J6 - Wrap and Pull

Whilst we are here - this is the Heater Matrix Location!
J7 Heater Matrix.png
J7 - Heater Matrix

... and the Heating Resistance unit - hmm, 2 Hours, 8 Minutes and 56 seconds on the label ??? - G7192002 is definitely the Heater resistance. perhaps that is the date and time is was made - how precise!
J8 Heating Resistance.png
J8 - Heating Resistance

And while we are still here, this is the Heater Motor Control Unit that you can just see up through the Pollen Filter housing.
J10 HMCU Seen Via Pollen Filt Recess .png
J10 - HMCU Seen Via Pollen Filt Recess

A better close up:
J9 Heater Motor Control Unit.png
J9 - Heater Motor Control Unit

Back to the job at hand - here's the grotty filter in all it's glory:
K1 Old Filter Yuk.png
K1 - Old Filter Yuk

K2 Gross Filter Crud.png
K2 - Gross Filter Crud

Do I believe Citroen changed this last service... I don't think so [-X
K3 No Way this Was Changed Last Service .png
K3 - No Way this Was Changed Last Service

Out with the big guns - time to hoover out all the rubbish.
K4 Time For The Cavalry.png
K4 - Time For The Cavalry

'Bugs be Gone'
K5 Dyson With Car Kit.png
K5 - Dyson With Car Kit

We bought the car kit with our Dyson Animal - it has a bendy crevice tool - great for getting into the recess at an angle.
K6 Dyson Bendy Pipe.png
K6 - Dyson Bendy Pipe

Now for the Air System Clean (whilst the filter is out)
L Air Con Bomb Time.png
L - Air Con Bomb Time

Read the instructions carefully, as you don't want to be in the car when this goes off. These all work similarly, but basically, move all seats forward and tilted towards the front of the cabin.
L1 Move Seats Forward.png
L1 - Move Seats Forward

Close all windows and doors. Start the engine and use the following settings:
All Air vents Open
Ensure Air Distribution is Generalised throughout the car
Fan Speed Full
Set Temperature to coolest Level
Air Con On
Switch to RECYCLED AIR Mode
Place the Air Con Bomb in the Rear compartment on the floor in the middle. DO NOT activate it with your face looking down at it - Activate it from the side, then leg it and close the door.
L2 Nuking the Cabin.png
L2 - Nuking the Cabin

L3 5 Minutes Later.png
L3 - 5 Minutes Later

Wait until the Bomb has fully discharged itself, then wait another 5-10 minutes before opening the doors.
Enter the car and switch off the engine. Put the seats back and the passenger seat down to help with the acrobatics necessary to get the new filter in.
M The New Filter.png
M - The New Filter
Look at the notes or instruction either printed on the filter or on the instructions - the filter is designed to operate only one way and should be positioned so that the air flows correctly from the front of the car to the back of the car in the direction of the air flow as per the arrows:
M1 Read Notes.png
M1 - Read Notes

M3 Direction Important.png
M3 - Direction Important

Get your torch again, and with the filter in the correct position, you will need to flex it gently, angle it in through the top, then at the bottom, wiggling it up and down as you gently push it in. Just keep using your fingers to push at the top and bottom equally until it goes in. Once in, pull it out slightly and give it a wiggle to help ensure that the concertina has expanded and that the filter is fully in position.
M4 New Filter In.png
M4 - New Filter In

Place your cover back on, and gently squeeze the clips, position the cover and release the clips. If you have broken these - you will need to use a couple of small screws to secure it back on.
M5 Cover Back On.png
M5- Cover Back On

Slide your trim back on front to rear, ensuring the 3 pins locate properly, then screw back up once in position.
M6 Slide Pins in First.png
M6 - Slide Pins in First

Next thread the wiring plug back through the top trim, re-attach the Footwell Light and snap into place, position trim, click the snap connector into position and do up the trim screws.
Reattach Light and Trim.png
M7 - Re-attach Light and Trim

Job Done

I can't really put a time on the job as I was taking pictures and had to wait for the chemicals to dissipate, but if I was doing the filter only, I would say about 30 minutes at least. Most of that is getting the old filter out, cleaning up and putting the new one back in.

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Re: C5 X7 Pollen Filter Replacement & Air System Clean How To

Post by myglaren » 21 Jan 2017, 20:28

Strange - this keeps looping back as unread - four times now.

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Re: C5 X7 Pollen Filter Replacement & Air System Clean How To

Post by GiveMeABreak » 21 Jan 2017, 20:35

Don't worry Steve - I just copied the topic to the Handy Hints section, then posted it in the wrong place, so moved it again - so that's why it's probably coming up a few times - I'm still recovering from doing the flipping job! :roll:

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Re: C5 X7 Pollen Filter Replacement & Air System Clean How To

Post by myglaren » 21 Jan 2017, 20:52

Quite a job.
I did mine on the older model of C5 and it wasn't bad, just awkward to access as I am not as flexible now.

When I took the old one out - it wasn't there, just the cover piece, someone had cut all the rest away :(