Xsara Picasso rain sensor

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Xsara Picasso rain sensor

Post by mokush » 23 Oct 2016, 21:03

Hello Gentlemen!
Help me please...
I have a 2007 Xsara Pic and the multi sensor behind the windscreen seems to be dead. The LCD sreen says "Automatic lighting fault" and "Automatic wiper fault". I know that the previous owner changed the windscreen, so the sensor can be damaged or not fitted properly.
I think the error can be because the following reasone:
- fuse dead
- cable dead
- sensor dead
- sensor not fitted properly
Anyways, first I have to remove the cover of the sensor to examine / replace that.
Do you have any pictures and/or videos how to replace the sensor?

I also realized that a lot of cares shares the same sensor, or at least it has the same ID number: "9680327580". This goes to Xsara Pic, C4, Berlingo, Peuceot 307, 607, 407... etc.
Is it really the same? Can I use a sensor with this ID in my Pic or these are different? :?:

Thank you!
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Re: Xsara Picasso rain sensor

Post by Hell Razor5543 » 23 Oct 2016, 21:31

Well, first, may I welcome you to the Forum.

If you can, I would suggest that you get a Lexia connected up to your Pic, and see what it says. It should give you a much clearer indication of where the fault lies (although sometimes it can be a bit of an art working out what it means). I cannot point you in the direction of a local Forum member with a Lexia; sorry about that. A generic code reader probably will not give much meaningful information.