Xantia radio plug

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Xantia radio plug

Post by allanmc » 19 Oct 2016, 16:27

I scrapped my Xantia a few years ago and removed a few bit's including the radio I now find I could use the radio in my Camper Van I should have taken the radio connector from the car but didn't could someone tell me where I could get one or explain how to wire the radio without the plug,by the way I now have a Citroen C3 which is big enough for me and much cheaper to run,hope youcan help

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Re: Xantia radio plug

Post by elma » 19 Oct 2016, 16:50

You need a patch lead. Unfortunately I don't think you'll find a ready made one. It'll be a case of getting a set of plugs from a Xantia with wires still attached and putting din plugs on the other end.