Xantia hdi 110 engine mount

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Xantia hdi 110 engine mount

Post by trapa57 » 09 Apr 2016, 19:20

Evening All, my 99 Xantia saloon has succumbed to the failed upper engine mount bush/torque arm bush, part no 1839 46. As I suspect most of you already know, this results in the bush disintegrating in the triangular mount. The alloy mount with bush is still available from Citroen, but as I am a tight so and so I would like to replace the bush as the alloy casting is still looking good.
So, I ventured onto Infopart and have found a long list of analogous items (bushes I hope/suspect) including Birth 51868, QH EM4260, etc but despite further searching on the web I cannot find specifications, i.e.dimensions of the items I have just listed. So, can anyone advise if I am using infopart correctly? Does analogous in this case mean 'bushes which fit the casting'?
Secondly, has anyone else replaced the bush only and if so what supplier/part number?

Your shared experience on this would be most appreciated.



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Re: Xantia hdi 110 engine mount

Post by RichardW » 09 Apr 2016, 19:52

This was the state of mine:


Never did get round to replacing it.... It doesn't take very long to take the mount off the car, so you would probably need to get it out, then measure the bush, and then approach some of the poly bush people and see if the have anything suitable - this would give you a lead on what to look for for replacement bushes. The whole thing is only £31.81, so it's not worth that much effort trying to find an alternative!!

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Re: Xantia hdi 110 engine mount

Post by Gibbo2286 » 10 Apr 2016, 09:19

If you can measure it put up the details I have a box with a dozen or so of that type of bush in various sizes..........you never know :)