.. Remove Series Two Air bag and connections

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.. Remove Series Two Air bag and connections

Post by citroenxm » 28 Feb 2014, 17:52

S2 and late S1 connections behind the Air Bag are a bit tricky to remove if your not sure how..

So I did do this today bevause of this:


Yes, the air bag outer covering is comming away!

So needed to swap for another...

Disconnect battery
Turn wheel 90 deg, and behind top and bottom theres buired in the holes 2 Torx 30 bolts. Undo them with a long ish reach.
bring the bag forward and pop the Air Bag orange connector off.
BUT the Horn connection will still be connected, now you can either pop the two connection off the Air Bag itsself, or to seperate the plugs here..


Lift the tag inside the middle of the plug and pull apart.. bit tricky when its all loose.

Then the next tricky one is seperating the steering wheel plug to the roatry slip ring..


There is is, and the bit to lift up is the tag you can see in the middle.. Like this:


then pull it away carefully, you can rip the Plastic ribbon if your not carefull..


And for steering wheel removal..

T50 on the bolt..

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