306 hdi glow plug not lighting up fixed now

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306 hdi glow plug not lighting up fixed now

Post by Welshy_Pete » 21 Jul 2013, 11:06

My Peugeot 306 hdi 1999 during the winter and cold times the glow plug light used to come on. But since the weather warmed up I've not seen it on for awhile now.

The car starts and drives fine no problems. I was thinking the same why the light stopped coming on maybe the warmer weather.

I worked out today why the glow plug light wasn't coming on anymore. It had nothing to do with the warm weather.

I checked the bulb in the dash it was fine. There just afew screws holding the dash dials in place. So then I checked the relay at the back of the battery below the ecu and black box.

I removed the 10mm nut to remove the glow plug relay black box with green on the bottom. The connections were dirty and a bit corroded up. There 2 connections three 10mm nuts one 8mm nut. But there all on the two connections. There also a plug socket as well which I cleaned up as well. So I cleaned everything with wd40 and a wire brush. Then wd40 again after it was all clean to soak and leave on.

The glow plug light now comes on even in the warm hot weather. So the glow plug light is ment to come on. I can even hear the glow plug relay click now as well.