2012 Citroen Relay Wipers Motor Problem

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2012 Citroen Relay Wipers Motor Problem

Post by CampervanDaddy » 12 Jul 2017, 11:41

Hi Folks

I'm new to the forum with a wiper motor issue.

I have a 2012 Citroen Relay that has an intermittent wiper problem. The wipers work fine in normal/fast speed operation as long as they haven't been on intermittent or wash/wipe mode, where they sometimes then 'stick' in the off position and won't then work in any mode for a period of time. Obviously a bit of a dangerous situation on a motorway in a thunderstorm. My wife recently had them on for 4 hours solid (with no problems), during showery weather, just in case!

I've taken it to a Citroen dealer, hoping it's just a replacement relay but apparently they don't have relays and it's a case of replacing the whole wiper motor at a cost of £422+.

I want to get it fixed before going to France at the end of the month but don't really want to spend that sort of money buying a new motor if it could potentially be another issue or solved in another way.
I presume also there are cheaper compatible wiper motors out there - any recommendations of manufacturers / websites to buy from?

Many thanks in advance...

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Re: 2012 Citroen Relay Wipers Motor Problem

Post by van ordinaire » 16 Jul 2017, 22:03

(1) live with it
(2) if you're sure it's the motor, i.e. rather than the switch - tear it apart & clean everything in sight
(3) get a s/h motor