Gears crunching

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Gears crunching

Post by Kym1 » 06 Nov 2016, 18:27

Hi all, I have a Citroen Dispatch van 2007 but unfortunately 1st and 2nd gears crunch when they go in unless I'm extremely careful and slow. Is this a common fault? Can I overcome the problem without spending too much?


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white exec
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Re: Gears crunching

Post by white exec » 06 Nov 2016, 19:10

Check the clutch pedal height is properly adjusted, and no excessive mats etc. under the pedal.
Check also the oil in the gearbox is correct type and grade - in cold weather, too heavy an oil can make gear engagement and changes difficult/baulky.

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Re: Gears crunching

Post by Kym1 » 06 Nov 2016, 19:19

Cheers Chris, good advice. I will check this out but I fear the problem might be a little more mechanical :?

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Re: Gears crunching

Post by NewcastleFalcon » 08 Nov 2016, 00:09


A warm welcome to the FCF, and your vital statistics are extremely interesting!

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