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Postby BerlingoMultifault » Tue Jun 21, 2016 10:29 pm

Hi Everyone.
I've got a 2009 Citroen Berlingo Multispace xtr.
It has a few issues but is running 'ok'. It will need a new clutch this year. And possibly a new fuse box. Other than that we have new baby and a big dog and like camping so the versatility and ecomical fuel consumption is what attracted us.

But I'm not over the moon about the impractical interior design or the engine.
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Hell Razor5543
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Re: Hello

Postby Hell Razor5543 » Wed Jun 22, 2016 7:35 am

How do, and welcome aboard. Your avatar name made Mum and I laugh.
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Re: Hello

Postby elma » Wed Jun 22, 2016 11:16 am

And me, how very apt.
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Re: Hello

Postby van ordinaire » Thu Jun 23, 2016 11:40 am

Surprised at your adverse comments: I'd always understood they were it's better, if not best, features. Even more glad now that I changed my mind - & got a C15 :)
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Re: Hello

Postby BenC5HDi » Thu Jun 23, 2016 5:52 pm

Many people think the later shape Berlingo is a backwards step, interior space and layout wise, over the earlier models. I have the earlier model, it's brilliant!

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