Hello from Cumbria!

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Hello from Cumbria!

Post by warninglight » 03 Jun 2016, 21:19

Hi all!

Just joined up as I'm considering going french for my next car! I'm 25 years old and have a thing for quirky but practical cars. I came home from hospital in 1990 in a BX Break which may have something to do with it! My extended family have in recent years had XM, CX, Safrane, Vel Satis, RenaultSport Megane, Renault 16 TS, Renault 20 TX etc. so I'm not alone!

I'm a classic car fan with an Austin 1100 which I've had since I was 16, a Volvo Amazon which I'm currently restoring, a Discovery TD5 to tow my trailer and get me to work over the fell roads in the worst of weathers, and a Volvo V70R AWD which I love, but am thinking of replacing as it's thirstier than the Disco!

I'm thinking that I like the 2008 onwards shape of C5, but that's for another part of the forum!


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Re: Hello from Cumbria!

Post by xantia_v6 » 03 Jun 2016, 21:28


If you are after quirky, then you really need to get a hydraulic Citroen. I was recently considering a C5 Exclusive, but could not pass up a low mileage Xantia V6.

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Re: Hello from Cumbria!

Post by Stickyfinger » 03 Jun 2016, 21:43

Get one.....no question