Hello from Sutton Coldfield

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Hello from Sutton Coldfield

Post by FourOaksMan » 31 Mar 2015, 15:53

Hello, I am the proud owner of a Peugeot 50SW Active 2011 (61) with 46000 on the clock bought used late last year, previously owned by Peugeot. It will be mainly used for pulling my caravan usually into Europe. This year I am off to Southern France to a part my wife and I have never visited. So far on the log runs down to London the car has been showing well over 50mpg average but I gather this may be an overestimate. Looked into a tow bar and have been quoted just under £600 fitted with 13 pin dedicated electrics for a caravan including the coding. The dealer I bought the car from said not to get the Pug versions as it is nearer £800. Will also need roof bars and cycle racks for our two bikes so will have spent around the £1000 by the time I have it fully kitted. Added a dash cam with rear camera so that I do not back it into the neighbours car(!) as well as be an aid to hitching up. SatNav is a pain but for towing I have one of these cheap Chinese satnavs which allows the input of the outfit size so I do not end up down narrow lanes. Worked exceedingly well last summer.