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Hello Again

Post by elma » 19 Oct 2014, 01:42

Well after a short break I'm back.
I came home with an N reg 1.9td VSX today.
Very happy to be back, I'd given up on finding a decent Xantia again.

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Re: Hello Again

Post by CitroJim » 19 Oct 2014, 04:32

Welcome back Elma :-D Wondered where you'd gone...

Great news on your new Xantia. Excellent!

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Re: Hello Again

Post by elma » 19 Oct 2014, 13:00

hiya Jim.

I've been plodding round in an LDV Pilot for the last 5 years or so.
It's been great, got a bed and a cooker in the back and powered by XUD9A.

However it failed it's MOT by a little too much this year so I'm lucky really.

The Xantias not bad but needs some love.
So far I've noticed,
1. All rear Spheres need replacing.
2. The pipe to the front Hydractive sphere leaks
3. The thermostat housing leaks and the thermostat isn't doing it's job very well.
4. Handbrake not too good.
5. Brakes binding.
6. Turbo doesn't make any noise or add power like it should.
7.Good clutch, bad thrust bearing.
8.Idle not quite right
9. Needs new N/S strut top
10.The Hydractive is definitely working on the front, don't know about the back yet as it rides like all 3 spheres are ruptured.
11 No rev gauge
12.Heater matrix leaking into NS footwell.
13.Power steering pump leaks.

I think 3 months down the line I'll have it fairly decent and within a year it'll be bang on.

It's driving straight and well though so shouldn't take long to sort out.
It's howling and pouring up here today though so I can't get stuck in just yet.
Really pleased I kept my sphere tool though!