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Postby bully » 04 Jul 2014, 09:46

Hello every one, I'm Brian. I'm retired, and a car enthusiast (addict according to my wife :wink: ) On my second Xantia now, a 1997 2.1diesel Vsx. First one a 1.9d which I owned for 11 years. That was the most reliable car I've ever owned.
Other projects, 1992 Classic range Rover, 1992 Discovery 3.5 v8, Triumph stag, and a Triumph 2000 I'm currently restoring.
Looking forward to being here

Regards Brian, ...bully
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Postby CitroJim » 04 Jul 2014, 11:30

Welcome Brian and that's a nice fleet you have there. Enough to keep you busy :)

In all the years I've been running Xantias they have been fantastically reliable but always troublesome enough to keep you amused and stop you getting bored :twisted:

The only Xantias that have ever let me down big-time have been my V6s...
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