Don't Know Why?

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Don't Know Why?

Post by CitroenPete » 14 May 2014, 07:37

For some strange reason I've become a citronite, if that's a word... let me explain.

Past to present.......

BX19 Automatic :- Bought it to tow a caravan. What a donkey! If you wanted to overtake someone you had to send them a letter a week in advance to give them prior warning! Comfy seats though, like driving a setee, and about as fast.

Xantia 1.8 SX :- Cor what a looker, dashboard lit up at night like a Eurofighter cockpit. Bought it dead cheap with just over 100k on it with a full service history. Imagine going from Eeyore to Elegance.

Synergie 1.9SX :- Oh what a beauty, red with light trim and false wood on all the plastic bits, even a main dealer didn't know where they came from. Car dealer wanted 6k for it with 109k on the clock, friend of mine said that he'd have at least a grand to drop, conversation went something like this....
"So what will you take for it"
"6 Grand?"
"Yeah, but for cash"
"6 Grand!"
"Okay, I'm leaving"
"You'll want my phone number then...if you change your mind"
"Your not getting this, it's 6 Grand take it or leave it"

I took it and them some ruddy kid ran into the back while I was stopped, turning right at a junction. His mum said later that his dad had said that your not a real driver until you've had your first crash....won't tell you what I said.

Synergie 1.9SX :- Well why wouldn't you.... a car...a bus...a van...campervan...skip...brilliant... and now it's dead, please help... if you can (see posting)

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Re: Don't Know Why?

Post by CitroenPete » 14 May 2014, 09:39

Oh just forgot, we've also got a 2006 C4 1.6HDi VTR+. Viewed the car at dusk on a winters evening... Wasn't that impressed...Then he turned on the ignition... lit up like a Eurofighter again... Cheesy grin on face...Damn those lights....

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Re: Don't Know Why?

Post by CitroJim » 14 May 2014, 18:33

Welcome Pete :-D

Hope the Synergie is soon sorted...