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Welcome everyone

Post by D.Kaye » 13 Feb 2014, 21:23

Welcome, I have just recently joined seeing as I have taken an interest in messing about with cars again, where I have to at the moment as I am grounded pending an MOT where I have to repair it first becasue this time around it won't pass until I fix it, where the last two MOT's it sailed through without a problem. My first French car is a 1994 Renault Clio Ph2 1.4RT I bought as well all I could afford where over the last three years I have owned it it has not received much attention at all but has been ultimately reliable where it has never failed to start and nothing has gone strange aside from a leaking sunroof which dumps water on me now and again, where I suppose an occasional dousing with cold water keeps me awake, but I will fix that in the summer.

And my Clio has even got a name where my dance teacher who is French and another Clio owner just had to ask what I called it where I said Kermit, where she said why do you call it Kermit, well, It's green and French- that took a few seconds to sink in, but she knows I am nuts anyway, but the car is green and a rather nice shade, a metallic Vert Anglais with green tinted windows, oh and five doors.

Only one modification made to my car and that was the fitment of a Vacuum gauge where it works very well plumbed into the pipe feeding the MAP sensor, where I did have the idea to fit live oil pressure and water temperature gauges as I do have them and the fittings where I might in the future

But where I am from is well wet and windy at the moment Devon.