Dutch Fastest peugeot 405 t16 ph1

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Dutch Fastest peugeot 405 t16 ph1

Post by Svanderplas » 11 Nov 2013, 21:03

Hello all,

I'm sebastiaan 22 years old and have a peugeot 1.9i monopoint and soon a turbo 16 inside.260hp
Busy with interior and exterior.

Other car is a 205 cabriolet old fashion and 2 carburators of weber.
2 wheels bike and motorbike 49 cc of peugeot a 102 and 103 project.
1 is running but. Clutch not fine other building up and 1 donor
Plenty small things i collect of peugeot.

So anyway. A lover of a french car
My holidays are also to france

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Post by addo » 12 Nov 2013, 02:21

Welcome to the forum! There aren't many 405 owners left now.