Hello from a Renault 5 owner

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Hello from a Renault 5 owner

Postby si1881 » Wed Aug 21, 2013 1:19 pm


Just joined on the recommendation of another French car owner who said you are a helpful bunch - which I need at the moment!

I've got a 1988 R5 1.4 GTS which I have now had for 10+ years and is now at the stage of going to the occasional show though it's never going to be a concourse winner (115K and the odd dent/rust spot).

I've managed to track down quite a few little bits here and there over the years but have come to a complete dead end at the moment with a rear window regulator for the o/s/rear door. The old one has disintegrated (plastic has gone brittle and split) and can't find anywhere that has one new or old.
I've tried the usual places, eBay, Part finder websites, GSF/Eurocarparts etc but no one has one. All the 5's being broken all seem to be 3 doors too (or in the North of Scotland which is a bit too far to travel to remove it when I'm in South Yorkshire) :(

This is a long shot but if anyone knows of one, or somewhere to try let me know :)

A further request is a set of original wheel trims rather than the later Clio ones it has on it now but these also seem to be stupidly rare!
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Re: Hello from a Renault 5 owner

Postby citronut » Wed Aug 21, 2013 6:12 pm

hi and welcome

i presume you have tried the likes of

http://www.renaultownersclub.org.uk/php ... f=18&t=114
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Regards, malcolm.

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