Hello to all - C5 Help

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Hello to all - C5 Help

Postby georgehope » 19 Feb 2013, 09:30

I have just joined the forum after buying a Citroen C5 2.0 HDI LX(110BHP) 2004. lovely car however I brought the vehicle privately and it has no owners manual
Could anyone please help me with information on the speed warning how set and unset and a fuse board layout (some places for fuses are empty)

Thanks all
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Re: Hello to all - C5 Help

Postby Hell Razor5543 » 19 Feb 2013, 10:39

I cannot help on the speed warning, but it is not uncommon for there to be fuses "missing", as these could be for items not fitted to your C5 (like heated seats, for example).

I did a quick e-bay search for C5 owner manual, narrowed it down to 2004, and got this list;

http://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/Vehicle-Parts ... al&_sop=15

Welcome to the forum. It's fun here, although a little mad at times. Lots of useful info as well.
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Re: Hello to all - C5 Help

Postby georgehope » 19 Feb 2013, 13:45

Thanks hellrazor I'll check that out
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Re: Hello to all - C5 Help

Postby Citroenmad » 19 Feb 2013, 20:47

Welcome to the forum :)

Does an LX have a speed warning? I am unsure, if it does you need to go to the menu in the central sceen until it says speed warning, then once your doing the speed you want the warning to be set at you press and hold the button on the end end of the wiper stalk. I think, its been a while since I did it on our SX as I took it off, it was driving us all mad :lol:
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Re: Hello to all - C5 Help

Postby myglaren » 19 Feb 2013, 20:49

Not sure if the LX does or not. I use mine to stop me speeding in urban areas.
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Re: Hello to all - C5 Help

Postby Welshy_Pete » 24 Feb 2013, 22:41

Hello welcome to the french car forum.
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