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A forum for new members to introduce themselves to the rabble already onboard. Not compulsory!
Tell us a little about yourself, lie if you have to but keep it to just an introduction, not a car discussion.

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new to this forum

Post by Sean602 » 16 Dec 2012, 17:50

hello , new on here just in the process of getting a Dispatch and so may need some watercooled specific help

anyone with a 2cv or derivative and a computer may already know of me , but Ill offer plenty of advice on the aircooled classics as well as a few opinions in general :-D


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Re: new to this forum

Post by CitroJim » 16 Dec 2012, 17:59

Welcome Sean :-D On the Dispatch front I reckon you'll find plenty here and good to have an aircooled specialist on board!

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Re: new to this forum

Post by red_dwarfers » 26 Dec 2012, 21:28

Welcome to the forum!

I've recently delved into the world of air cooled engines with a GSA, very much looking forward to getting it on the road!

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Re: new to this forum

Post by Welshy_Pete » 24 Feb 2013, 22:35

Hello welcome to the french car forum.