Back in a Citroen!

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Back in a Citroen!

Post by Joncarpet » 14 Oct 2012, 20:57

Hi guys. Found this site via google and thought id join up/in.
Used to have a great 98 Xsara, but got rid for a Zafira. What an awful car!! Just purchased a 2002 C5 estate, 2.0 Hdi and I love it! 1 owner from new,75k miles, all stamps in service book, great to be in and drive. I missed Citroens!!

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Re: Back in a Citroen!

Post by oneday » 14 Oct 2012, 21:19

welcome to FCF

now youve seen the light :)

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Re: Back in a Citroen!

Post by DickieG » 14 Oct 2012, 21:20

Good move getting out of a Zafira judging from what I've been asked to sort out with them, people moan about French car electrics but it appears that Zafira's take that to a new level! Welcome to the forum.

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Re: Back in a Citroen!

Post by Citroenmad » 14 Oct 2012, 21:45

Welcome to the FCF, your in the right place :)

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Re: Back in a Citroen!

Post by Welshy_Pete » 24 Feb 2013, 22:27

Hello welcome to the french car forum.