New numpty resident in Wales

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New numpty resident in Wales

Postby tooly48 » 21 Feb 2012, 20:02

Hiya folks. Been through one or two citroens. 2 BXs 1 ZX. a few pugs 2 309s 1 306. Now livin with 2002 2.0hdi exclusive. Keep thinkin im due for a new motor. But the old bird never lets me down. Now thinking of getting myself a lexia(clone) just to get to know the old bird better. Anyone know of any good deals on the lexia?? Oh and im bound to pester u bright folk with numpty questions. Thks in advance

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Re: New numpty resident in Wales

Postby Welshy_Pete » 20 May 2012, 14:38

Hello welcome to the french car forum.
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Re: New numpty resident in Wales

Postby CitroJim » 20 May 2012, 15:10

Welcome indeed :-D
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