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Tell us a little about yourself, lie if you have to but keep it to just an introduction, not a car discussion.

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Post by HeyMarti » 21 Dec 2011, 20:32

Thought I would introduce myself :)
From the East mids not sure how popular the area is on here (as in many members?)
Below is my needing much tlc vtr and well I'm up for making an appearance at my first meet in the new year if anyone would care to inform me of when one not too far away is :)
Feel free to ask questions make comments I'm not shy :D
Opinions and suggestions welcome :)

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Re: Newbie..

Post by Citroening » 21 Dec 2011, 20:42

Welcome to the FCF! :) That's a smart looking Saxo you have there. 8-)

There are a couple of us over in this area, and there is an East Midlands Group of the Citroen Car Club where we meet up every month. The meets during these winter months are generally just at a Pub, however during the summer months we have various events. Below are some links to some from the past year:
Bourne Citroen Meet
Run to Wells
Springfields Show
Burghley House

There are of course the 'main' shows/events of the year and a lot of the FCF tend to meet up at the CCC's CXM and Xantia Rally - a large thread is here.

Next year see's the 'biggie' of shows though - the ICCCR.

Edit - fixed a link.
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Re: Newbie..

Post by CitroJim » 21 Dec 2011, 20:45

A warm welcome :-D That's a nice looking Saxo there..

There's a few of us in the E Mids. I live near Milton Keynes, which at a stretch is near to the East Midlands..

Young Franklin will tell (EDIT: has told you!!!) you of Citroen Car Club East Midlands Group meets and I believe the first of 2012 will be in March.

We have informal FCF mini-meets on occasion and they can be anywhere. You'll enjoy any of our meets... We're a very friendly bunch on here...

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Re: Newbie..

Post by HeyMarti » 21 Dec 2011, 21:00

Why thank you for the information guys I shall check it out :)
Got some new mods coming along for m'dear in the new year gear box and clutch being the main priority at the moment, a trip to swad to visit a friend should sort that problem!

As am I a very friendly gal too :D

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Re: Newbie..

Post by andpand » 30 Dec 2011, 17:06

welcome mate!!!!!! smart looking saxo good cars :-D :-D :-D :-D
cant wait to see what you got lined up for it lol