Synergie HDI 8 valve cruise control

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Synergie HDI 8 valve cruise control

Postby John Moody » Thu Oct 06, 2011 8:23 am

Hi everyone. My first posting.
Does anyone know if after-market cruise can be fitted to my Synergie HDI 8 valve. I can get all the stuff 2nd hand for £70. Has anyone any experience/ knowledge of this.
I miss the after-market cruise I fitted to my 96 XM 2.5 VSX estate...... Just bought 2 switches from Cit dealer for about £50, drill a hole, and the plugs are already there! Simple half hour job. Plug in and away you go.
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Postby xmexclusive » Thu Oct 06, 2011 11:38 am

Hi John

Welcome to FCF.

The 2.5 XM was a bit of an odd-ball in design terms.
The cruise was not aftermarket but genuine Citroen.
It was the only XM model to get electronic cruise.
All the other XM's with cruise got the generic and historic vac cruise as fitted to many 1980's cars.
The 2.5 cruise routines were included in the engine ECU as standard enabled each time the ignition was turned on if the ECU found the control switches present. Apart from a few very early cars the cruise wiring was fitted as a standard part of the loom.

If no one responds with practical experience of cruise on a Synergie then bump this posting and I will turn out the Syn workshop manuals and see what I can find.

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