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Hi All

Post by Be-Exer » 29 May 2011, 09:10

From the Wirral - long time Bx owner, just got a Xantia in the stable now and will be along with queries directly! Feel like I've got to relearn how to fix my car 'coz I've been working on old tech with the BX for so long :)

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Post by CitroJim » 29 May 2011, 10:00

Welcome Be-Exer :D

There's a lot of similarities you know :wink: early ones are just a BX dressed in different clothes...

What Xantia do you have?

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Post by Be-Exer » 29 May 2011, 11:04

It's a 2000 Hdi 110 Estate - I've just finished cobbling together a repair to the drivers window regulator from brake cables and bit from some turkish outfit, oh and mucho swearing :)
Thanks for your interest CitroJim.

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Post by spider » 29 May 2011, 11:59

Hello and welcome ! :)

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Post by myglaren » 29 May 2011, 16:18