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Ozzie Kuma
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ozzie kuma

Postby Ozzie Kuma » 29 Apr 2011, 04:07

Hi all,

Just joined & thought I'd into myself.

I live in St Ives Sydney Australian, married , one 6 old daughter ( who is the meaning of my life)

Work for the Police as a mouse pusher.

Own a 1995 VSX Xantia since new, it is not a touring car due to it tendenecy to break down but still goes well when going. It's still much loved.
Just bought a 98 V6 Xantia to tour in, but jsut had my first trip & found it too has it moments... love is growing for this one.
Also a 1982 BMW R100RS, owned since new, 55,000ks on it, it too is much loved.
Wife has a little Mazda 2 for shopping.

I fell in love with Citroens @ age 20 when I bought an ID19 which was in pretty good condition but the previous owner had not understood the car & its idiosyncrasies nor was he willing to learn. I didn't know much about Citroens either but was to learn very quickly.
Just driving the car made me fall in love with it but when it started to leak like the Titanic, the real fun started.
It turned out that the previous owner had put the wrong hydraulic oil in ( veg not mineral or the other way) & all the seals stared to decay so I spent every 2nd weekend replacing seals & stuff. Learnt a lot but the love grew.
When it was running I would drive it to Brisbane to see my girlfriend for the weekend which in a normal car was a 6 hour trip then. I banked on it taking me 4 hours because I would leave Brisbane @ 3am to start work in Bundy @ 7am,... oh to be 20 & bullet proof again.
I just loved the "way out there" things on the ID, one bolt to remove the fender, one bolt to remove a wheel, the wheel in the front to act as a extra impact aid,.. which I had the luck to experience personally when a friend put his DS into a tree @ high speed, with me in the passenger seat, we walked away, infact the car was able to be driven, a bit!
On safety, not sure if anyone has had a bonnet blow up on them,.. the fact that the thing is hinged as it is enables you to see under the bonnet, ditto for the boot, then it hits the fibre glass roof which just pops back up !
But I am sure most of you know all this.
And then there is the comfort & security @ speed, I don't remember figures but I am sure I ran it @ near full throttle for long periods with a feeling of total security & control. I long for that feeling again, but no one can drive @ those speeds anymore.
I do vividly recall one"moment" ( other than the bonnet popping up) when I hit a cow at very high speed, sun up, straight road, bush closer to the road than usual, a cow wandered out on the road & stopped in the headlights. I planted the foot on the button brake & recall how much control I had & the fact the car stayed so level, it seemed to DROP. Cow hit center bonnet ( hence it flying up on me after I thought I had fixed it) & went over the roof as I skidded off the road. Apart from a bent bonnet there was no damage, I could not believe it. The car was dead low so I thought the worst but after a few minutes it pumped up & I drove it home. I was late for work that day, but just a bit.

Well that is enough intro. I am looking forward to a long & productive association with this forum, haven't done much of this, I joined the AussieFrog ( citroen ) forum which is great too.

I have only a coulpe of issues with my V6, one of which this forum has assisted with already, "Toe in or toe OUT ", OUT is the answer,.. & a heater problem which I may have to put off for a while after reading CitroJim's info on the matter.

all the best on this wedding day,

ps is there a short version of "how to post an image" I got lost in the one I saw in here somewhere, I'm not real computer savvy & I'm on a Mac!
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Postby andmcit » 29 Apr 2011, 07:05

Hi Ozzie,

Love the write up - pictures would be great too; I've done these
screen grabs in the past off my Mac which hopefully will help you out:

Instructions for posting piccies;

This starts from the point where it is assumed you have a series of pictures already on
the PC and they're preferably (usually) in a jpeg file format! :D

1: Where you get started - http://www.photobucket.com

Remember too you'll need to create a user name with a password to access their system
and post images.

The images/video upload:


2: To get a specific picture you click on the upload option which will pop up a search
dialogue to choose what you want to post:


Which then uploads onto photobucket and is catalogued onto your user account where
it is viewed in two ways:

A - small thumbnail with annoying dropdown options box which plays hard to get:



the code required for a forum picture insert is the highlighted blue WHOLE string such as:
[ IMG]https://frenchcarforum.co.uk/camo/c9e20d85addaa294d0940325a1be9cfac6eb306e/687474703a2f2f6935392e70686f746f6275636b65742e636f6d2f616c62756d732f673331382f416e646d6369742f5069637475726532342e706e67[/IMG]

*To get the code to display, I've slipped a barspace after the first [IMG)

B - a larger image filling the screen better which is possible by clicking on the
previously shown above thumbnail:


3: After all that, this code/text can be copied and pasted onto the script entry
at the relevant part of your post as you would any posting, giving an end result of:


There are other photo hosting websites although the only other one I've used before is
http://imageshack.us/ although I prefer photobucket.

All the best,
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Ozzie Kuma
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Postby Ozzie Kuma » 29 Apr 2011, 07:27

thanks, pictures work well for me,.. much appreciated, do you know if Picasa does this... I have Picasa just haven't learnt how to use it yet.. spent too much time on the V6...!
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Ozzie Kuma
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Postby Ozzie Kuma » 29 Apr 2011, 07:41

I think I've got it !!!! many thanks Andrew.


what's HTML is OFF , BBC On, all about ? need I care ?
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Postby addo » 29 Apr 2011, 08:28

Snives? You in the shtetl?
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Postby CitroJim » 29 Apr 2011, 11:53

Ozzie Kuma wrote:what's HTML is OFF , BBC On, all about ? need I care ?

No, you need not care Ozzie, not even the admins care much about it...

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Postby myglaren » 29 Apr 2011, 13:00

CitroJim wrote:
Ozzie Kuma wrote:what's HTML is OFF , BBC On, all about ? need I care ?

No, you need not care Ozzie, not even the admins care much about it...


Only the BBC or any quotes and smileys will go down the tubes.

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