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newbie cambridgeshire

Post by modxl » 19 Feb 2011, 19:03

hi all,thought id join up,drive a xantia td,right mess when i got her getting a bit tidy now.Ijust love the way it drives allways been a ford man but converted now ,drive to southern germany farely often and she doesent miss a beat.With the fords i always had aches and pains when i got there but xantia is a pleasure still fresh after 800 mile.when i get a chance ill post up some pics /steve

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Post by CitroJim » 19 Feb 2011, 19:06

A very warm welcome to you Steve :D

You're in very good company here and well located should you have hydraulic problems.. Pleiades are nice and near to you...

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Re: newbie cambridgeshire

Post by addo » 19 Feb 2011, 21:06

modxl wrote:...still fresh after 800 mile.
That's what they're so good at. Many people can't believe the mileages you can do in such relative comfort.