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old newby

Post by redzzed » 06 Feb 2011, 21:22

Hi all , i have already done a couple of posts .

Currently have a xantia 1997 sx td , previously have had 3 Zxs ,one after the other , mostly td volcanes', but was unable to find another so i bought this xantia which came along .

After more than 10 years with ZXs' i had a run of bad luck , a year ago my fav volcane failed it's mot on back axle , after ALREADY having spent £500 having a replacement from a Xsara for the previous mot .
managed to buy a low mileage tidy zx memphis which was giving 50 mpg and after i changed the alloys over , wheel flaps , changed oil and fuel filter ,and it was running nicely on filtered veg oil ..someone set it on fire in our street and it was written off in november.

current : 1997 xantia 1.9 td sx a/c
previous cars :
1997 zx memphis td
1996 zx volcane td
1994 zx volcane td

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Post by CitroJim » 06 Feb 2011, 21:34

Welcome Dave and I hope the Xantia is proving a good substitute for the ZX. At least back axles are imminently repairable in the Xantia :D

Hope the local twonks don't set the Xantia ablaze :twisted:

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