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Hi from Sweden

Postby SensibleNick » 13 Jan 2011, 21:50

Hi all.

I'm Writing from the land with entirely too many Volvos on the road... and yes; they're driven just as badly here. :roll:
I moved here 10 years ago, and have no plans to leave.

I'm a Renault kind of person, but have plenty of hours under friend's 205s. I have 2 clios, a 1991 Mk1 16Valver and a 2001 Mk2 ph1 172 sport.

Me, as briefly as I Can...

I talk too much, I write too much, and today's great plan is nearly always replaced by a better one tomorrow.

I'm a Mechanical Engineer working for a well known Swedish company, and I'm employed as a "machine designer" in our large R&D department. Amongst other things I also design and build RC gliders: Search for "retox" on the Vimeo website if you have time to kill... They're fast.

I live in the South of Sweden (Prime Wallander area if that means anything to anyone) with my missus a 3 cats on an old farm. Only 4 acres, and a house built in 1890. It cost us peanuts because it needed a lot of work: that takes up most time an money at the moment.

Other vehicles that might interest a bunch of car people are few. Boring vehicles: There's An old Focus (lamp.posted and picked up cheap because I Wanted the Ford "Sigma" engine and 'box) and an Astra Estate (Ellie's daily driver)

This is a little more interesting:

1½ tons, 4WD and with difflocks and a full set of chains it's right laugh. With over a meter of snow on our 200m driveway It has been getting a LOT of use. :D

I signed up here because I'm gathering information on specific parts of the Mk1 Clio: I aim to tear it to bits and use some prime cuts to build a RWD buggy for the summer, and that'll become a potentially amusing half-track in the winters. The last buggy I built was based around a pair of mini subframes.. and that was when I Was 16. This one's going to be *slightly* better built :wink:

I have lots to do on other things that are more important, so this project will only see the light of day if I can find time.

Anyway... I can't tell you everything ...
Photos of cars, house, life and other things that might be amusing here...

I hope that in due course I can give as much help as I receive!

All the best,

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Postby SensibleNick » 14 Jan 2011, 09:48

Having had more of a poke around here it seems like the membership is either "HELP... my C5/Scenic has broken and there are no manuals" or people who just love their ageing French motor. :)

Just incase the fact that I own a pair of 16-valvers gets me labelled as a boy-racer or chavage, I'd like to point out that I'm absent-mindedly looking for a 2CV on the cheap (must be Left-hand Drive) for a fun project to allow us to potter around in the deepish snow on the back lanes here in the winter. Might be fun oneday :D http://www.2cv4x4.com/
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Postby myglaren » 14 Jan 2011, 21:31

Welcome to the forum Nick.
You have indeed sussed the theme to the forum, there are not many who are into pulling the cars to bits and turning them into gocarts although there are a couple who do race them, most notably Mr brygssgtt who's blog you might enjoy.
Also a couple of Finnish lads who like teararseing around the track in Activas.
Never been to Ystad but was a former neighbour of Mr. Mankell.
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Postby spider » 14 Jan 2011, 21:40

Hello and welcome :)
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Postby SensibleNick » 16 Jan 2011, 22:03

Thanks for the pointer there... For me there's nothing more amusing than a Q-car or Sleeper... That's a lovely job on the Van, even though I'm not a turbo fan. :)

When I moved to Sweden the only car I had was so far from original Spec that I wasn't allowed to import it.... and yet it looked like a completely standard chocolate-brown Vauxhall Nova 1.2l The only giveaway was the set of 14" steel Renault Espace rims on it. I left it in the hands of my brother who giggled all the way to work and back for 3 years until the tin-worm took it's toll.

So I came here and bought a little toy that could match the old nova. The first Clio was then pushed to one side when I bought this one... which is in fine fettle despite suffering a bit at the hand of chavvages on the nightly rim-hunt.

Even though the dismantling and re-birth of an old Clio as a daft buggy might not be everyone's cup of tea, I'll do a photo writeup of it here if anyone's interested :D

Here's the one I built when I was 16 .... Now nearly 20 years later it's time to do it again, but a little better :wink:
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