toffee looking coolant

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toffee looking coolant

Post by spandex wearing hippy » 14 Aug 2010, 21:26

Hope my first post doesn't ask to much,

I'm mark from sunderland but don't let that put off giving me some advice and help in a sticky situation,

I've been using our lasses 1.4 xsara and i think i've par-boiled it so to speak about 3 weeks ago the temp gauge shot up and dash lights ordered me to stop but however being the rebelious type flipped the berd at the dash and kept going, since then the coolant has resembled caramel baileys. I've been told it's the HG and the HG deteriorates over time around one of the oil galleries allowing the oil to contaminate the coolant' the baileys effect it's not using oil but is drinking water like a dehydrated camel aprox 1 gallon to every 5 mile

Does that sound about right ?

ps If this is the case i@m gonna do it myself just might need a bit help have done plenty of cylinder heads in the past but it 1994 since i picked up a spanner on a car

1 do I need any special spline sockets or anything like that

2 what are the chances of head needing to be skimmed

3 what's the torque settings and what's tightening sequence

4 what's the best thing to use to clean out the coolant system have used rad flush and may as well have peeed in the expansion tank cos it done bugger all I've heard people talk about soap powder and bleach in the system then give it a good flush would this not cause extra damage to the already buggered car

please help so i can make a second post cos if i don't sort it she'll kill me or send me to bed without any supper at the very least

pps need to get it done to take the kids to Blackpool a week on wednesday please help so as i don't have to deprive my already moody teenagers of a couple of days in lancashires sprawling metropolis

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Post by myglaren » 14 Aug 2010, 22:01

It does seem like the head gasket has gone. If it has been heated too long or to often then the head may well be cracked (don't ask me how I know).

Can't advise on the special tools that may be required but someone will do soon.

As for flushing, I would stay well clear of domestic cleaning media - they will foam and cause air pockets that may cause further local overheating problems and may scour the pump, also there is a risk of corrosion in the waterways that wouldn't be worth the risk.

More so with bleach.

The only product that I would consider would be Forte Bio Degreaser. It isn't cheap, may be available locally.

Impossible to say on the condition of the head before it is off but it may be desirable to skim the head lightly to ensure a good seal.

Best to replace the timing belt and water pump while you are on with it to avoid problems with them after the rebuild.