Vel Satis 3.5 V6 Owner joining the fray :D

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Vel Satis 3.5 V6 Owner joining the fray :D

Post by Wile7 » 29 Jul 2010, 13:19

Hi all,

A quick intro. I am the proud owner of a 2002 model 3.5 V6 Vel Satis.Bought recently - stunning value with 52k and FRSH. Wanted to join the forum to find out about these wonderful cars and also offer advice where I can.

It's good to be on board 8-)

Cheers for now,

Dave aka Wile7 (as in Wile E coyote)

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Post by red_dwarfers » 29 Jul 2010, 23:11

Evenin' Mr. Coyote :D

:welc: to the site!

You don't see many Vel Satis about, there was another chap on here who had/has one. He was very pleased with it too.

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Post by XantiaDaveEire » 31 Jul 2010, 16:44

Welcome on board mate :wink:
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Post by R9UKE » 31 Jul 2010, 23:05

Hi Wile7,

I miss my Vel Satis :(

Absolutely loved it, and I'm looking for another at the minute! I work at a car auction and some are selling for sub £1000!

Really intrigued to know what the 3.5 V6 is like. I had a 3.0 V6 Citroen C5 for a while. Averaged around 25 MPG but the performance wasn't up to much. I'm guessing it's pretty quick being the same engine as the Nissan 350Z?

My 3.0 dV6 averaged 47 MPG on my trips from Stranraer to Birmingham, and that was without trying.

You might be interested to know that I picked up a 2.2 dCi Vel Satis for £265 last week. It arrived at work for auction. An ex-taxi with 107,000 miles and no third, fourth or reverse gears! Nice spec though, leather, sat nav and all four tyre pressure sensors working - couldn't quite believe this. Anyway, it's time came to be bid on but with a reserve of £500 nobody was interested. I offered the seller my price and he accepted!
A guy I know is buying it off me and will hopefully find a new gearbox and get her back on the road - I don't have the space to keep it.

Anyway, yes the Vel Satis is the perfect expression of french culture, and remains one of my favourite cars - enjoy :)
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