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Post by Paul240480 » 03 Jun 2010, 17:47

Hi all. Just realised that I posted my 'newbie post' in the wrong place :oops:

I put it here: http://www.frenchcarforum.co.uk/forum/v ... hp?t=26042


I popped back in to see if I could get some advice to help my daughter out with her Saxo. (Please see the thread above)

So, I live in France, have done for 6 years. Semi-retired - I run two self-catering holiday gites. Swmbo is a teacher here, teaching English in 5 schools & in after school clubs & night classes.

Daughter works on the customer relations desk at LeClerc Supermarket in Vannes. :D

Oh, my Volvo 480 has gone to 'pastures new', replaced by an 850 Est.