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how to change

Post by chris.p »

please help i need to change brake pads on xantia 1.9td estate 1996
the car won't start the stop sign and the brake lights are on


Post by martyhopkirk »

A (unhelpful) suggestion is to whip the front wheels of an disconect the wear sensors - tape them up.
However Im not aware that the brake sensor causes the car to actually fail to start.
Have you checked the LHM level in the tank? and does the engine turn over? _ The brake light illuminates if the parking (hand)brake is on so its usuall to see this lamp illuminated if parked up.
I can possibly email the relevant pages from teh Haynes BOL for you, however i think that you may have a more serious fault than worn pads. Possibly (worse case senario) a snapped cam belt - however Im being alarmist Chris - its always awkward diagnosing faults without the car in front of me.... BTW you would get a better response if you posted this on the Citroen general section rather than General Chat... Have a look through the search option above to see if there are any posts which mimic your symptoms.