BX TZD. Plummeting fuel consumption

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BX TZD. Plummeting fuel consumption

Post by tomsheppard »

I finally managed to get the TZD over to France to get some consumption figures on a decently long run.
Courtesy of a late boat due to bad weather we arrived on clear empty Autoroute.
Over the first 320 miles, I got 32 MPG. I used half a litre of oil, too! Mind you we were quite heavily laden but I did keep the average speed below 100 MPH (Just[;)])
The other 1000 miles were driven with a lighter foot, 48 MPG.
Apart from being late, Speedferries gave a good and friendly service for a very reasonable price. Reccommended!
Also reccommended is the French publication "Gazoline".
Lots of step by step photos and detailed descriptions of jobs, interesting articles and a brilliant classified section with
penty of Panhards to choose from at sensible money and as many affordable Goddesses and Ideas as you could dream about.
Thinking man's classic car magazine.

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Post by oilyspanner »

My consumption seems to range between 40 and 50 depending on how heavy my foot is too.

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Post by DLM »

Glad to hear the ferrying was OK, Tom. Hope all other aspects satisfactory too.....
I'd been wondering about your comment on the reviews section of Citroenz about poor fuel consumption from the TZD as it didn't seem to accord with my recent TD experience. I'm getting something at least comparable to the old TGD. Now I know why - that heavy right foot!
BTW I need to talk to you re. paperwork as I may be in S Wales for at least part of the next w/e.