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It looks like the creator of http://www.austin-rover.co.uk/ , which I think is the best automotive website I've ever seen, has branched out. http://www.rootes-chrysler.co.uk/ covers the British and French parts of Chrysler Europe and some of their ancestors.
I think it's well worth a read.

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Talbot Tagora - why oh why oh why???! [V]

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Chrysler 180. Avenger on steroids[:0]

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Interesting about the 309, would anybody have bought it as a Talbot ?

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I prefer haddock myself!

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And the best bit, the guy behind the austin-rover site is Keith Adams (you'll see his articles in quite a few car magazines), and Keith is an Ex BX16v owner! Not really sure why he sold it (probably SWMBO), it had masses of work done on it, total rebuilds, respray etc it was (and hopefully still is) imaculate! Every now and again i know he misses his ole 16v and i reckon its not long before he gets another one! But the rover is his first love!

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OK anybody on a happy pill?
http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll? ... 62736&rd=1
seller associated to austin-rover.co.uk

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AAAAAGH!!! [:0]
The first car I fell for after passing my test was the Sunbeam Rapier [:D]. I still look for one now evey so often that would suit, but so far no luck. I took my dad to have a look at one years ago. It was white with a black stripe down the side and a black vinyl interior. It drove like no tomorrow and the chicks who saw me on the test drive gave me that knowing look [;)]. Any how dad didn't like it saying " the Police will nick you for speeding" & " where you going to get spares, how much is the insurance" any how ended up with my sand glow Austin Maxi 1750 HLS twin carb. Still think I was done.