P.C Spyware

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P.C Spyware

Post by np » 30 Oct 2004, 01:26

After 2 weeks of geting p.c sorted,it is now infected with bloody spyware[:(!][:(!]Hyjacks my homepage ect....
I have try`d Adaware se,Xoftspy & Spybot search & destroy,none of the can get ride of it[:(!]
Anyone know of anything to get rid of it?I just want to smash this pc up,but would miss the forum to much[:)]

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Post by oilyspanner » 30 Oct 2004, 01:37

Sounds like a nasty one, have a look at Driverguide.com and see what they are offering as spyware stoppers, they seem to have their finger on the pulse.
Good luck

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Post by VisaGTi16v » 30 Oct 2004, 04:58

if youre using windows xp or at very least 2000 (no one in their right mind runs 98!!!) then start it in safe mode. You will be suprised how many more things will be found that dont show up when running normally and also theres a higher chance of removing them. If you can find the exact name of the spybot then you can normally find a tool for downloading it. Search on www.symantec.com for it and you may find one but certainly try safe mode first

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Post by ghostrider » 30 Oct 2004, 05:28

Hi NP try spywaredoctor from pctools.com. my wife runs the progs you mentioned, she has just run this and found another 35 nasties! best of luck pete
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Post by James.UK » 30 Oct 2004, 05:52

Its not spyware, [V] its a virus, some sort of hyjacker.. go to the following site and run the programme.. when it wants to download.. let it.. at final page choose-- scan my whole PC ...
http://www.pandasoftware.com/activescan ... ncipal.htm
After that download and install AVG from "Grisoft" .. google will find it for you..

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Post by reblack68 » 30 Oct 2004, 06:18

There's a very good free utility called Hijack This! which should solve your problem. The best thing to do is do a scan with it and paste the log onto a computer forum, where somebody will tell you what to delete and what to leave. It doesn't discriminate between good and bad, just shows you what's there. Often it's quite obvious by the name which item is causing trouble.
Put anything you don't like the look of into a search engine and you should find out what it does.
If you're not too confident go with the plan A of pasting the log into a computing forum.

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Post by James.UK » 30 Oct 2004, 06:24

reblack68.. "panda" as above is much better! its free and cleans your PC for you.. all you have to do is run it.. :-D

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Post by vanny » 30 Oct 2004, 07:10

i only use Symantec AntiV but i wouldnt recommend it if you already have a virus, it can keep them away, but deosnt remove them when they've already got you! To remove them post infection i use the McAfee website, do a search by type and name and they will soon be iradicated!

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Post by landylass » 30 Oct 2004, 15:22

NP, as mentioned before I use the Panda platinum av and it works a treat.I also us a comp help forum, called "MY desktop help" they are very good, and talk plain english. Put a search in google for them. You may want to follow one of the posts I placed there re spy ware. Got rid of it all, and I am a pc newbie but a guy called Eddie on there helped loads,emailing me step by step what to do. The worst spy ware i had was from "smiley central" very difficult to get rid of, like the previous post said I also had to start in safe mode and still found more of its paths that didnt show in normal start up. Good luck, if you cannot find My desktop help, put another post and will try to send you a link via email, as i said pc newbie, but can send links by email, not sure how to do that on here!

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Post by landylass » 30 Oct 2004, 15:28

OOO that were easy, didnt know it would automaticly show as a link, never to old to learn[:)][:)]

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Post by James.UK » 30 Oct 2004, 18:07

I run AVG as an anti virus programme, and Sygate as a firewall to prevent the buggers getting in.. Once a week I run Panda from its site to check all is well. [:)]
I dont worry about "spyware" as if it manages to send stuff out without Sygate stopping it, well theres nothing in my PC thats of any value to anyone but me, so let it send and waste there web space. [;)]
Progs my friends have recomended are... "Free surfer".. stops pop ups.. "XPAntiSpy3.English". this is more complex, basically its a long list of options in your PC programme, if you put your arrow-cursor on the item it tells you what it does at the foot of the list and recomends the best choices.. If in doubt you can allow everything.. Personaly I would allow the "Java and directX" as some websites dont work with these options diabled, but the rest are blockable if you want your shopping lists a secret. [;)]
AVG is free.. Sygate is free.. Free Surfer i dont know much about, same applies to XPAntiSpy3.English.
Final comment, clear your temp folders and cookies before running any anti virus stuff as they often read those files as suspicious whether they are or not..
Easy way to get into safe mode. Turn your PC off by its power switch, 3rd time it reboots it should automatically open in safe mode..

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Post by DervDonkey » 30 Oct 2004, 20:34

Sound like you've got one of these "Home page hijackers". It's usually a small executable downloaded from a malicious web site. I had one of these things at work about 6 months ago and that arrived via a firewall and network/local antivirus screening - they're not easily detected, and I doubt any standard AV software will detect 'em.
Two ways of stopping it.
1). Stop using MS Internet Explorer and get something else - I've been using Opera ( www.opera.com )for 3 years at home and have avoided this sort of thing completely. Try Firefox if you want something free.
2). Do some detective work. My guess is that you've got one of those nasty little executables that runs whenever your computer is started. Clearing any suspect registry keys (as done by the likes of Ad-Aware) won't work, because they'll just be replaced next time you start! You have to get rid of the program itself. If you're familiar with the processes list in task manager, you should be able to work the rest out yourself - otherwise, do a Google search on your symptoms as others have been there too.

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Post by np » 31 Oct 2004, 07:43

Big thanks to all.Try`d scanning for virus & spyware in safe mode.Keep erasing the spyware,but still there when i restart.Currently working my way through list above to try & get rid of it.Seems to be that each spyware program seems to pick up more/less than the others.I run win XP pro,with norton 04.Now it seems my norton internet security has been deactivated & cant get it back on[:(!].Anti virus still ok though.Will keep you imformed.

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Post by uhn113x » 31 Oct 2004, 13:01

A few suggestions.
Do you know how to run Task Manager? This will tell you what processes are actually running, probably including at least one that should not be.
Have a look in c:\Program Files for any .EXEs that you do not regognise, and, one by one, rename them to see if one of them is the cause.
Look in the Registry in both the CURRENT_USER and LOCAL_MACHINE hives for things in software/microsnot/windows that run on startup.
If you suspect an executable should not be there, do a google for it.
PS: I am a software professional [:(]

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Post by bxbodger » 31 Oct 2004, 20:33

You could go here and download Spider-
http://www.qwertyserver.planetdns.net/f ... index3.htm
Its free and is very good at ferreting out spyware, hidden cookies, etc. I think it was originally designed to hide all traces of any p**n you may have been looking at- run it and you will be amazed whats on your drive!