The AA. Another rip off?

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I broke down in the middle of France before in my visa gti. Well when I say broke down, I took a railway crossing a bit enthusiastically for 14 year old rear spring mounts and one broke straight off smashing the left rear wheel up into the arch :D
Luckily I remembered seeing a local Citroen garage 10 miles back so we drove there in my friends car (convoy of 3 to le mans), and pointing at a bx there and using a lot of sign language they came and picked me up. I even managed to laugh when the bloke in the garage got in my car to roll it off their truck but got in the wrong side as he forgot it was RHD heh.
Crambed into the other 2 cars, carried on to le mans and picked it up on the way back. Only cost £180 for the recovery and fitting of 2 new rear shocks as they did the other side as well which was not bad I thought

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Is it really the luck of the draw? I have in my motoring career had need to call on rescue services five times. On three occasions fixed it my self with their tools, had a tow back to a garage when a timing belt failed on a Vauxhall at 40k miles and not my car, thankfully, and on the last, which was four weeks ago when the immobiliser packed up in my other car. The guy from the AA turned up 15 minutes after the call, removed the offending article, rewired the system soldering all the joints and was polite, cheerful and an enthusiastic biker which kept us amused with anecdotes while he worked. He had been with the AA for 22 years. If they were all as good as this guy then we have hope yet. R.

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Environmental Transport Association do a reasonably cheap recovery service - and they are NOT part of the road lobby.

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Post by AWG » ... 0098,32594,
This one, Autoaid, seems to beat the lot, £29 per annnum, people recovery, home start AND per person not per car. The rest of the site is quite good at deepening the pockets too.

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I paid 80-something quid to join the AA with option 200 I think this year. Don't need homestart... if it is that bad I can push it or get towed 200 yards down the road and then call them!! The one time I've broken down was only that distance from home anyway!

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I got mine through - about £90 for recovery for both cars. Can't comment on their service though, as only the Xantia has broken down this year (clutch clip and brake pipe) and both times within striking distance of home.
I used to have insurance with Prudential with 'free' breakdown cover, but this year the renewal was twice what Elephant offered, and they wouldn't cover a second car on the breakdown, so I got both cars on breakdown, the insurance (with NCD protection for about £3) and still saved £150 [:D] Prudential also thought that when the windscreen was totally smashed on the Xantia, it was in Edinburgh 45 miles from home on a Sunday, where it couldn't be repaired, I would have to pay (£70) for the recovery. Did get my money back on that after writing to the CEO though [8D]