Just for new starters!

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Just for new starters!

Post by Robin »

I have noticed how often the same sort of starter questions come up from contributors either new to the forum or to Citroen cars in general.
Could we put together a collection of FAQ's for each series or model and these could stay at the top of each page/section? Robin

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Post by gjb02 »

Nice idea!
Perhaps breaking down into marque, or even petrol / diesel catergories.
I realise this could lead to a small amount of work for Jon[:D], but I'm sure it's not impossible......is it??
Just how many different head gasket threads can there be??[:I]

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Post by Panjandrum »

Could be done by a couple of stickies with lists of post urls perhaps? For example, there have been a lot of posts about alarms recently:
Xantia unlocking itself!!
http://www.andyspares.com/discussionfor ... IC_ID=9190
xantia- alarm 2.1 td 1998 R
http://www.andyspares.com/discussionfor ... IC_ID=9167
xantia alarm
http://www.andyspares.com/discussionfor ... IC_ID=9091
Central Locking
http://www.andyspares.com/discussionfor ... IC_ID=9172
Xantia Alarm operation
http://www.andyspares.com/discussionfor ... IC_ID=9163
It would be even better if there was a bit of editorial discretion on which were worth including[:)][:)]
Of course, someone would have to do it[:D]


Post by Jon »

Yes, its possible, its quite a lot of work. We did start a new section of the Forum, Common Problems and Fixes, but for various reasons it hasn't quite worked out.
What is needed is a summary of things like "1.9TD hard to start" with 6 bullet point answers; then all the other common ones. These posts could then be made "sticky" so that they always remain at the top of a Forum section.
I agree that the same old things tend to get discussed again and again. Doing the above however is quite a bit of work, if time allows I will look into it though.

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Post by Panjandrum »

Jon - agree it would be a lot of work. You'd need a volunteer or two to do the legwork and submit it for Admin endorsement.
The bit about topics coming around and around means those of us who arrived as newcomers only a couple of months ago can recirculate the advice WE got as if we're the experts!

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Post by TomH »

not so keen on the page full of stickies idea!
Perhaps more emphasis on the common faults and fixes forum, and encouraging people to use the handy search function more!!

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Post by uhn113x »

The borderline between the 'Handy hints and tips' amd 'Common problems and fixes' seems a little vague, as well. Maybe it ought to be all the same, but split into categories, not by make and model because of the common components, but like 'Engine', Transmission', 'Bodywork' and of course a 'Misc' or 'General' one. Yeah, I know it means unpaid work!

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Post by Robin »

Another site for newbies to the wonderful world of oily fingerprints and the ups and downs of Citroen ownership.[:D]
It is very brief and general but useful.

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Post by batwad »

While nice, I don't think that cluttering up forums with "stickies" is such a good idea.
The problem really arises from people's unwillingness to use the perfectly good search functionality in forums. It seems they'd much rather come bowling in and ask their question than do some reasearch first, and no amount of "stickies" will stop that.
One thing which I think stands out on this forum is people's helpfulness and knowledge; on very few occasions have I seen anyone reply to a question with a curt "use the search, fool" which is to everyone's credit. The responses I've had here have been vastly superior to any I've seen on other forums (most of the 306 forums spring to mind) and I thank you all for them. [:D]

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Post by tomsheppard »

Perhaps an index screen, faqs returning keywords to use in the search?