Not a motoring topic BUT====

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Not a motoring topic BUT====

Post by JohnD »

--- I've got a new computer arriving next week. Can anyone tell me how I go about transferring my ISP to the new machine?

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Post by Robin »

If your ISP account was originally from a disk then just reload or get a new one. They give you the choice of loading a new or existing account. If it was an 'on line' account - I don't know! Unless it is a broadband connection ISP then your modem should detect it and your operating system should go and get the drivers, software connection etc.
Or at least mine did. I am using XP Pro and a BT broadband connection.
Hope that helps a bit at least. Robin

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Post by bikeboyz »

If you are on broadband you need the broadband installer cd supplied by your cable co/BT etc along with the account numbers and passwords. This varies from supplier to supplier. If you are on standard dial up, you need to get all you details of your dial up settings.
Go in to Control Panel
Click Internet Options
Select the Connections tab
Highliht your current service, then click Settings
Copy down all the information, including that under properties and any subsequent buttons.
When you get the new machine you need to create a new dial up and enter the information back in exactly as it was. Print screening it is always a good way to store it (press ALT & PRNT SCRN/SYS REQ together, then you can go in to Word, edit/paste the screen shot). Remember passwords will only show as ****** so you need to know these.
Thats about it, providing you dont have AOL or another ISP with its own dialer like NTLhome, in which case you're best reading their own help pages!
Good luck

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Post by JohnD »

Thanks for all of that. I'm with Freeserve (now Wanadoo) on normal dial-up.

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Post by oilyspanner »

You can select Export options in Internet explorer and Outlook express and export all sorts of things, dial ups,addresses,favourites etc put em all in a desktop folder and then copy them to a CD or even a floppy

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Post by Homer »

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Thanks for all of that. I'm with Freeserve (now Wanadoo) on normal dial-up.
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Go to the wannadoo website, go into the help area and there is a facility to do the setup. When it tells you to run the file from it's current location, ignore that and save it to a floppy disk. Then run that on your new PC.
Or just pick up a CD from PCWorld/Dixons/etc. Stick it in the drive on the new PC and do the retrieve/reactivate/whatever option. (probably the easiest way).